A Civil Divide is a new kind of media company.

We start in conversation with you.

We connect you in conversation with others.

We work together to make sense of each other and this messy world we find ourselves in.


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Photo by Amadeo Muslimovic on Unsplash

Photo by Amadeo Muslimovic on Unsplash

Join Our dinner conversation series

A Civil Divide's first initiative -- a dinner conversation series in New York -- is designed to bring together people from diverse backgrounds and perspectives around a fascinating question.

Each dinner will feature a special speaker who has expertise or an interesting point of view on the question. And conversation is moderated to keep things flowing.

Stay tuned for our first invitation (and if you sign up to our newsletter you will be among the first to hear about it!).

Photo by   rawpixel  .com on Unsplash

Photo by rawpixel.com on Unsplash

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Sometimes the best conversations about
politics or current affairs are messy ones.


We love to have passionate conversations about the issues that matter most. But we believe four things (at least) about these conversations:

1. We should never forget that behind every point of view there is a human being.

2. Civil conversation does not have to mean dull conversation, and should hopefully mean lively conversation! (Subject to point 3...)

3. Treating others with respect is essential. And don't we all want to be treated with respect in any case?

4. Ongoing conversation between all of us is a fundamental underpinning of a healthy democracy.

Times when it feels difficult to have them are exactly the kinds of times we need these conversations the most. And it kind of feels like those times now, right?

I imagined what a media company could look like if it started out with the goal of creating and nurturing these kinds of conversations, between people with genuinely different backgrounds and viewpoints.

And if it then set about seeking to inform based off what came up in these conversations.

And then I set out to build it.

Join us in building a new community of people who live by curiosity, who like to connect. A community of people who enjoy messy conversations.


A Civil Divide is...

Founded by Alex Eggerking, an Australian expat living in New York and travelling the US. 

The project is currently being built through CUNY's Tow Knight Center for Entrepreneurial Journalism.




A new journalism startup is tackling polarization in the US (and asking some even bigger questions)

At the end of January 2018 I started as a Fellow in CUNY’s Tow Knight Entrepreneurial Journalism program. I joined the program to find ways to tackle polarization through a journalism-focused startup, ‘A Civil Divide’ (working title).

A big task! And I’m asking some pretty big questions. In this time when America’s social, political and economic fault lines feel daunting to explore:

  1. Can we imagine new ways to learn about and understand one another across social and political divides?
  2. Can we use journalism to create a stronger base, across communities and between diverse groups, on which civil dialogue and engagement can proceed?

The Tow Knight program acts as an early-stage incubator for media startups. And I am beyond thrilled to be building A Civil Divide alongside 11 other extremely smart, wonderful, motivated individuals creating their own new products and businesses.

With this initial post I want to explain some “whys”, “wheres” and “hows”: why I’ve chosen to tackle polarization through this program, where I currently am in the process, and how I plan to proceed from here.

And I want to invite you to follow me through this program, and join me in seeking answers to these big questions.


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